Social Media Intern - Sioux City, IA + Baton Rouge, LA

We are looking for a creative and talented intern to help manage social channels and expand our client’s digital footprint, awareness, subscribers, and leads. This role requires a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and project management skills.


  • • Work closely with Community Managers to create resources and status updates each month to drive leads, subscribers, awareness, and/or other important metrics (examples include status updates, tweets, ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, guides, templates, photos etc.)
  • • Grow client’s subscriber base by providing them with regular, helpful content that’s aligned with their needs and interests.
  • • Collaborate to produce relevant content that meets the needs of both client’s and relevant audiences.
  • • Convince others that your creative ideas are worth investing time and effort in. This role is at the core of the marketing team, and others will rely on your work every single day.


  • • Junior or Senior in a related Bachelor’s program
  • • Past experience producing content for the web specifically, as well as channel-specific knowledge (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.)
  • • Past experience building audiences either online or offline
  • • A dual-minded approach: You’re highly creative and an excellent writer but can also be process-driven, think scale, and rely on data to make decisions.

Please submit a Cover Letter and a Resume to Indeed.

Creative Intern - Sioux City, IA + Baton Rouge, LA

We are looking for a creative and talented intern to help to create innovative content for our clients, including images, infographics, data visualizations, and/or visual social content. You’ll be a part of an energetic and growing team where you’ll collaborate with a variety of stakeholders on marketing and branding initiatives. You must be detail-oriented and eager to learn new systems and technologies, as well as passionate about creating and delivering new technology solutions. Our ideal candidate will have an entrepreneurial spirit and be able to think big, earn trust, innovate, and deliver results.


  • • Create and edit engaging digital content with a focus in motion and still graphics.
  • • Consult with Community Managers regularly to identify each client’s vision and discuss design options.
  • • Identify opportunities to improve social media channels and digital marketing performance.
  • • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by tracking emerging trends.


  • • Pursuing degree or street cred in a directly related field (Advertising, Graphic Design, Visual Arts, etc).
  • • Experience with creating sharable online content.
  • • Proficient in Adobe products (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator).
  • • Highly active in multiple social channels.
  • • Manage time effectively, ability to multi-task and meet deadlines.

Please submit a Cover Letter and a Resume to Kristy.

Social Media Resident - Sioux City, IA + Baton Rouge, LA

Your time spent as a Social Media Resident will give you the knowledge and resources to act as a permanent Chatterkick employee. With the help of the Chatterkick team, you’ll find your place in the industry through the cultivation of various skills in an agency setting.

  • • Office shadowing: You’ll get to try on all the hats at Chatterkick by shadowing team members with several responsibilities. Our team members will train, monitor and strategize with you to implement their ideas and tactics.
  • • Quality control: The more eyes on a project, the better. You’ll get to spot check the work of others around the office to make sure it’s mistake-free and ready for the client.
  • • Content creation: You’ll work closely with creative specialists and community managers to brainstorm, create, and implement killer content for our clients.
  • • Scheduling and packaging content: Plan, and wrap up content with a bow for clients across all social media platforms.
  • • Trends and discovery: To create awesome work, you have to be inspired and informed. You’ll dedicate social discover time to scour the web for social, campaign and client news/trends to share with the team.

Plus, you’ll:

  • • Join one sales pitch
  • • Attend one social conference (or equivalent)
  • • Pitch one creative idea to a client
  • • Develop an evidence-based case study
  • • Write a monthly blog post for our site
  • • Conduct client audits

Desired skills:

    • • Background in marketing/advertising and social media
    • • Strong written and verbal skills, capable of producing highly effective content
    • • Active participation in social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
    • • Must be adaptive, personable, and willing to go above and beyond to produce results.

Please submit a Cover Letter and a Resume to Kristy.

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Please submit a Cover Letter and a Resume to Kristy.

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