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Using a mix of media, we tell our client’s authentic stories in a way that invites and encourages engagement, interaction, and social virality.


There is an art to storytelling on social media. People choose what they want to consume and how they want to consume it. Therefore, our goal is to impact your audience with social media creative that will capture their attention. Consequently, we focus on thinking outside of the box to create content that your audience can react to. Because of this audience engagement, you will see business results.

We see the process from start to finish. First of all, we begin with research. We work with our clients and their knowledge of the industry to find the pain points, interests, and questions of customers. Then we tap into these resources and create content that is ideal for the intended audience. Finally, we deliver it in a way that is intriguing and visually pleasing.
An important part of a marketing strategy is to determine what type of content is best for customers. Since keeping up with the latest technologies and trends is essential to our job, we continuously do research and speak with a panel of young social influencers about how they use social media. As a result, we deliver a variety of animated visuals, like GIFs, hyperlapses, Boomerangs, and more. In addition, we design relevant blogs and infographics to bring social communities valuable content.

Amazing Mustang Race Video Performance

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Local Festival Reaches Over 50,000 Fans In A Snap

We were looking to do something different this year and the idea was so well received that we decided to do two. The filters turned out cool and captured the energy of the festival.

— Dave Bernstein, Saturday In The Park Co-Founder —

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